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Our mission is to bring about “change” in both providers and recipients of dental care.  What makes DFH unique among health care organizations is that our organization aspires to also provide a networking environment through which dentists can provide mentorship to aspiring dentists.  


DFH operates independently of any religious, political, or military agendas

By volunteering

Want to help someone? but don't know how to? We are here to provide a platform to link those who want to help to those who need help. Not in a dental field, no problem. There are so many other ways to volunteer. Our organization is a not for profit one. We need lots of help to run our organization. Contact us how to get involved. 

By donating 

We can't run without your financial support. Donation at any amount is welcome. Not ready for financial support? not a problem. We will appreciate your time too;  volunteering, cheering, promoting, praying and much more.

By Mentoring

You have experience? you have something to share? Knowledge has no meaning if it can't be shared. Come on over an share your experience and wisdom by becoming a mentor. Contact us how to get involved. 

By promoting 

Do you like what we do? Help us to be known. Our organization is still young. We want to reach out to more people. Like us at the facebook page. Write us an encouraging testimonials. Spread the word to your friends to be a part of us. 

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